Free (dynamic) DNS @ *

Background: I own the domain for quite a while, yet (as you can check yourself) I’ve not found any reasonable use for it. But it has some sentimental value for me and that’s the reason I keep paying the exorbitant yearly fee for it (Czech domains are - even after the price increase last year - still cheap compared to Icelandic ones). The only reasonable use I found for it is dynamic DNS that I use on various boxes where static public IP address can’t be guaranteed. And I thought that some other Turristas might like their own domain too, so here you go.

Technical details: Second-level zone is hosted at CloudFlare, is delegated to to Hurricane Electric. It’s possible to set up A or AAAA record that’s updated over standard-ish HTTP API (supported by OpenWrt ddns-scripts). For details see and OpenWrt wiki.

Getting your DNS record: Drop me a PM here on the forum with the name of the subdomain you request. In return I will send you the password for DNS update. If you are paranoid, we can exchange sensitive data via PGP-signed/encrypted email (here’s my PGP key) or using another channel than PM.

Just a short disclaimer for those weisenheimers out there: domains are assigned on first come, first served basis. I reserve my right to refuse the request without any reason. No warranties are given and the service can be suspended at any time without prior notice (though I will try to reach you out in case that it’d happen - so please also send me an email address that I can eventually use for future communication).

P.S.: If you have any other idea about the use of the domain, I’m all ears!


I really like the idea, so thank you very much for this offer to the community (even though I don‘t need it as I own my own domain for this purpose).

But without any offense I‘d like to ask if there is a chance to transfer this domain to Turris team so that it could become an official offer by turris for their routers, maybe even integrated into foris? Again I really appreciate your offer to the community but in my opinion this domain might be better in the hands of turris as a organisation rather than in private hand.

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For official offer IMHO it would make more sense to use or something like that.

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Working config for Turris (in /etc/config/ddns) is the following:

config service 'my_turr_is'
    option interface 'wan'
    option ip_source 'network'
    option ip_network 'wan'
    option enabled '1'
    option lookup_host '***'
    option domain '***'
    option password '***'
    option service_name ''

@sairon How is your service related to From the announcement, it seemed to me that you are running the DDNS server yourself…

It didn’t sound that way to me:

Ahh, didn’t get that Hurricane Electric is :smiley:

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