Forum software used by cz.nic?

I wanted to compliment cz.nic by offering such a nice 'n clean - but still feature rich - forum (I’m using it mostly to discuss the Turris Omnia)!

  • What software is used to facilitate it? Is it FOSS?

I’m asking as I’d like to deploy it on my website maybe (possibly even contribute code-wise if I can / ever find time for such a project).

Another question regarding the Forum (the Turris Omnia one specifically):

Will the forum be kept on-line after the launch / shipments of the routers in April?

Thanks again for this beautiful project you guys are pulling off (any vacancies? :wink:).

As the name suggests, this forum is powered by Discourse, which is FOSS.


Ah right, I see now! :blush:


I’m happy to reply that I am currently running a discourse instance of my own!

Thanks @Ondrej_Caletka for pointing it out!

P.S. It will run in an LXC container of my Omnia as soon aas I get it! :sunglasses: