Forris improvements

Hello guys,

as many of you know the TurrisOS comes with Transmission and miniDLNA by default. Wouldn’t be great to have installed Transmission Web interface and NextCloud ( in LXC container) as well, but moreover with modified Forris Web GUI - You go to but in contrast to default Forris login, you will get something like this:

What do you think about it? Do you like the idea? I think this is the power of TurrisOS/OpenWRT that we can modify it in our image. By clicking on any icon we would get to login screen, so there is any leak of information, but DLNA. :slight_smile:


This looks amazing, I definitly want this.

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Well, it suppose to be pretty easy to implement. We can just add new website (like this) In Lighttpd. :slight_smile: Nevertheless I would rather ask the CZ.NIC team to write it in django if it is something that Turris community might request. :wink:

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personally I’d like to see something like this completely optional. I don’t run transmission and have no reason to run it on my Omnia. I don’t need it gummed up with non-necessary daemons. also my advice, if you’re going to run something like that, do it in a lxc container for better security.

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I definitely agree with you. Nevertheless as I mentioned earlier, the Transmission and miniDLNA are preinstalled and inactivated by default, I just want to have nice & easy access to these apps.
Regarding to NextCloud (and all dependencies MariaDB, Apache, PHP…) et cetera I would decidedly go with LXC container because of security and consistency of TurrisOS.

Well you already can create and run such a custom web page with any links you like. All it takes is some tweaking with host based virtualhost at the web server. Nextcloud is installable too. I would however suggest using an external storage. Considering that omnia is aimed at more skilled users I think your request need not be a priority :worried:

thanks for your point of view.
I’m aware of that TurrisOS is for advanced users and I have a idea how to do that. Nevertheless, as you see, the feature isn’t requested only from me, that’s why I asked CZ.NIC team. :slight_smile: