Force one client internet traffic to VPN

Hi, I am trying to find a solution for a specific use case.

I have a client in my LAN, which I need to be able to communicate to LAN, but for this one client only route all internet communication to an OpenVPN connection. Because this client is not directly connected to Turris (I have a separate 2,5 gbps segment of LAN), VLAN is not an option.

So probably what I need is for Turris to identify this machine by IP (static assigned), allow it to communicate in LAN, but route all internet traffic to the OpenVPN client.

What’s the best way (and how) to achieve that? Thankks!

I think it would be simpler to use OpenVPN client on the machine itself. And let it route global addresses (only) or add an exception for your LAN prefix(es).


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