For Sale: Turris Omnia 2020 £99 - Includes: WiFi 6 Upgrade Kit + spare Omnia power block + Aluminium LTE heat sink + LTE Modem - £99

Anyone here in London - before I put it up on eBay - want to buy a 2020 Turris Omnia?

Please see my current running thread where I simply cannot get the LTE to work. I do not have the time or patience to find out why. Have tried everything. If I can’t sell I’ll definitely be dumping this in the trash within a week. I’ve had enough now. My time is worth more than this.

It has:

  • Spare ‘official’ Turris power block
  • I installed a custom 3D printed plastic piece that concentrates/focuses the light from each LED. In other words, it prevents the light from one LED bleeding into the space next to it. Absolutely essential. Just pops on and off.
  • Recently installed WiFi 6 kit. Black cover with zero scratches or marks.
  • Aluminium heat block for an LTE modem. Please note that I am calling the modem broken. No idea if that’s correct. As LTE is my only Internet connection, I can’t afford to wait any longer to find out. Otherwise I’d carry on using this Omnia. Pity.

Please note: it works perfectly. The connection to the directly connected PC’s never fails. It’s just the LTE modem I can’t get to connect. For the full story, see my last thread on this forum under Hardware Help

I’ll start off with a meetup at London Bridge station. Costa coffee where they always have plugs available. You can have a little play with it as I sip a mocha. If no luck, I may consider postage.

Asking £99

Message me if interested


What are you looking at for an LTE connection instead now? It seems Teltonika offers strong OpenWRT-based hardware in this segment.

Hi there, replied with PM

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