For sale: mPCIe Cards from Omnia, SDIO from Mox

Hi gang,

after upgrading my trusty Omnia and Mox to Wifi6, I have some mPCIe and SDIO cards leftover:
Compex WLE200N2 (the mPCIe 802.11n half card from Omnia - Compex WLE200N2 - 10404 - WLE200N2 6A0000 - 802.11n mPCIe - Techship)
Compex WLE900VX (the mPCIe 802.11ac card from Mox -
Marvell W8997-M1216 (the SDIO 802.11ac card from Mox, this one uses smaller antenna connectors)

Hit me up in PM if you are interested.