Fixing broken WiFi antennas

When opening my Turris Mox I accidentally ripped of two antenna cables, one at the antenna side and the other at the connector:

Is it feasible to try soldering them on again or will that just result in malfunctioning antennas anyway, i.e. I need replacement parts? If the latter, does someone know a source for it? I already searched in the forum, but could only find recommendations for different antennas (external ones).

VF kabelová redukce (pigtail) z U.FL(f)-U.FL(f), s kabelem série LP-088, 10cm | E-shop SECTRON

Thanks, that looks the same as the ones recommended in SDIO-card: which antenna-cable to buy? - #2 by ssdnvv but how does the u.fl connector connect to the adhesive plastic antenna of the MOX? To me it looks like they are soldered together, not plugged.


Thanks @hagrid! Do you know what the difference between the first two is? The specification looks identical to me.

Thank you for pointing this out. The connector on the second link is MHF4 - it means it is smaller in diameter thus will not suit.

I will update my post and delete the second antenna.

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Thanks. The links would also be a good addition for Where to buy replacements (power supply, antennas, etc.)

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