Hi all,

I got a notification just after the notification regarding the 5.1.3 update stating:

Update notifications

• Removed package fix-corrupted-contract-by-rescue

What is this about?


Hello @Egva,

Thank you for your question! There are currently three options for contracts, which we are using in Turris OS. Between all of these options, there are differences, which packages are additionally preinstalled unlike on normal medkit.

  1. CTI - Cyber Threat Intelligence
    These are routers given under contract to public authorities, schools, libraries, and so on.

  2. CZ.NIC
    One of our CZ.NIC employee benefits it is possible to borrow a Turris Omnia router in exchange for helping the Turris team with manual testing to cover wide configurations

  3. Turris Shield
    There are preinstalled all data collection services and a simplified version of reForis.

As people are writing code, sometimes bugs slip through even they should not. In some cases, it was possible that contract was not applied even it should be there in case of Turris Shield. So this package fixes it. If you are not part of any contracts, you don’t need to worry about it. This only check if there was specified any contract and assured that it is not missing.

The technical explanation can be found in our Gitlab:

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Thanks for the quick response! Interesting as this is on an Omnia (kickstarter version). Should I reflash from medkit?


No, it is not needed. This package was installed during the update to check the u-boot environment for contract and then it was removed no matter it does anything or not.

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