First Week with Omnia: Not a reliable Device!

So after 1 Week with Turris Omnia:

  1. Had to do a reboot a Day because something didnt work.
  2. Got strange syslog messages.
  3. The Wizard istn working with my DS-lite connection out of the box.
  4. some Webinterface glitches
  5. several reboots needed to get configuration working
  6. Wireless very unstable for all my devices (iPhones, Thinkpad, MBP, several Customer Notebooks)
  7. 89 degrees of temperature in idle without even running one modification yet?
  8. updates breaking everything

these are a lot of problems for an device that should be a reliable and secure gateway to the world?
I love to add, hack and mod things, but i think u should get a stable and reliable base before u get encouraged to do so.

at this point i am not pretty shure if i should keep it…!?

right now i would be happy if the default configuration just works?!
many problems are comon and i am not the only one experiencing it.

So i would like to hear what are the plans for the future with Turris Omnia?
are these problems adressed and is the team aware?

Sure everything is open Source and you can modify every aspect of the router but i wont touch anything until major problems get fixed for now!

Spending time in some configuration just to get it destroyed by an update is pretty annoying!

seems obvious from your post that you should sell it


wasnt realy helpfull at all,
i dont need to sell it :wink: i can just send it back for an refund… but i am willing to see the good in this project!

  1. I never have to reboot my TO once a day because something didn’t work. Are you running a vanilla configuration?
  2. Those strange messages are normal. They are considered cosmetic glitches. EDIT: Which strange messages?
  3. It is hard to make a router compatible with all ISP configurations. I did not have problems but I believe updates to turris-os fixed the wizard for some users.
  4. What exactly do you mean by web-interface glitches?
  5. Sometimes I have to reboot multiple times as well but that is due to me forgetting something or doing something stupid.
  6. I had problems with the 5 GHz band because of the ath10k-CT firmware but after that was fixed everything has been rock solid for me.
  7. Those temps are considered normal for this platform. See this thread: Operating temperature. You even posted there.
  8. Yes, they do sometimes. There are a lot of moving parts and the team can not test every possible configuration. That being said, I hope that will create an user beta testing team or something similar. You can switch branches though or disable the updater.

TL;DR for me it is not an unreliable device but YMMV!

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I am not affiliated with cz.nic or the turris project but I am a owner of a Turris Omnia and have quite some fun with it.
This post may contain sarkasm, random rants and unintentional insults.
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You should read it with a grain of salt.

[details=Spoiler][details=hidden for security][quote=“iddqd, post:4, topic:3716”]
Those strange messages are normal. They are considered cosmetic glitches. EDIT: Which strange messages?

They are not meant to be consumed by end users… They are meant as a guide to find the cause of a problem and sometimes aid in debugging.

I only get Connection refused… should i try with Turris OS again?

My last reboots:

  • Kernel 4.9 ← forgot CONFIG_BTRFS_FS=y
  • Device Tree changes ← took quite some reboots
  • Kernel 4.11-rc1 ← quite some reboots
  • Device Tree changes ← took quite some reboots
  • enable PPS for GPS clock
  • Back to 4.4
  • and back to start…
    All kernels worked in the end.

Reaching over 200 Mbit/s up or down with my old 802.11n notebook is simply crazy… with 25mW! Chromecast, phone, notebook, all work like they should.

It does not keep my coffee hot :frowning: Maybe you should modify it?

I don’t need updates for breaking anything. Things break when something gets changed and everything is a really broad word here.

I would say you can’t or where are the patches? And if you wait until everything works nothing more is left to do. Why wait?

Beware of the developers. If they get annoyed by you because you don’t like their way fixing bugs they may spend their time and money for other things.

Mine does what it should do and even more but this may not what it is meant to do.

Planned time it takes over the network when it was bought: April or May 2016
Current estimated time it takes over the network: never
Current estimated time it should take over the position as main router: April or May 2017
Reality: maybe in fall 2017

After upgrading Turris Omnia from the shipped OS up to Turris 3.5 (and later to 3.6 and 3.6.1), I have not had any problems with Turris reliability.

If you are having wireless issues, make sure that you have configured the right country code in your wireless settings. In LuCI, go to Network … Wireless and click on ‘Edit’ for each of your wireless SSIDs. On the resulting page, click on Advanced Settings tab and configure the appropriate Country Code. Then click “Save and Apply” at the bottom of the page.

If you are using LuCI to install packages, there is a known bug in opkg, for which I provided patches upstream. (See A workaround can be enabled in /etc/lighttpd/conf.d/luci.conf. Please edit /etc/lighttpd/conf.d/luci.conf and change “setenv.set-environment” to be “setenv.add-environment”. Then, restart lighttpd.


thanks for info! Actually, after upgrade to 3.6 I checking lighttpd docs, and see also set-environment, and was very confused why this error still happening…

Thanks for the pointer. I updated the docs to indicate that the setenv.set-* directives will be available with lighttpd 1.4.46 (the next version of lighttpd)

Soo, i put some more time into my turris and have to admit after flashing it direct with 3.6.1 and start from the scratch, some of the bugs i described in my opening post are gone! but still got some issues:

  1. cant ping any ipv4 site from ssh terminal yet
  2. still got some syslog issues (probably related to 1) especcialy this message is flooding my log:
    2017-03-21T18:17:51+01:00 notice netifd[]: wan6 (2188): Command failed: Unknown error
  3. still wasnt be able to detect my ds-lite settings proper i managed it afterwards to get it working but maybee someone can help me with my network .conf to see if this resolve the issues:

So i got an Cisco EPC3212 who is providing me with an ipv6 address and and ipv4 adress behind a provider nat.
i dont have to type in any credentials. The first and only device that is detected on the LAN Port on the Cisco Modem gets Connected via dhcp.
i guess i could use an stati address aswell? and maybe can tweak some more settings

  1. i got some problems with my guest wifi setup but i think first step would bring the ds-lite wan connection to work without any syslog errors anymore!

i got the knot resolver with rpz blacklist already running and it gives me the love back i needed for this router :smiley: