Firmware 3.6.1?

Is FW 3.6.1 officially out?
There are no notice in a News section: But there are some information in forum. 3.6.0 probably broke automatic update, so I am not sure about current update state.

It’s out. Did you see something like this on your router?

No. There is: “No new messages.”. On home page.

Nice. I manually run Now I have version 3.6.1. Now I can see Your picture. 8-(

get-api-crl worked. Now is everything OK.Thx.

So 3.6.1 is officially out then? Anyone care to comment on its stability? I’m still running 3.4 (my attempts at upgrading to 3.5 all were miserable failures) and am considering going to 3.6.1. But as they say “if it ain’t broke… done fix it.”

It does work ok for me. Make a backup.