Figures on users/software versions

A lunchtime suggestion:

As someone who first reads the 1 star reviews of a product I am interested in on Amazon, I am aware that technology sites tend to give the illusion that everyone seems to be having problems with a software upgrade rather than being populated by only those having problems at that time. I have been wondering whether I have been holding out upgrading to OS 5 for this reason (rather than waiting for a free weekend when I have time to deal with any issues).

If I am not alone in this, could I be nudged to upgrade? Have Turris has thought about publishing figures for users/models and version of software similar to Microsoft and versions of Windows? If 95% have upgraded, then I can assume that most have done so without major reconfiguring and take the plunge. (In case anyone is wondering I have been configuring a new server array over the last weeks so have had to delay anything that would mess with the internet connection).

Just a thought…

well, i ended up in a factory reset on OS3.x to make it to 5. Def worth it, but i would keep in mind that you might do need to basically re config your whole Omnia/mox from scratch.
5 does run smoother imho, less CPU load etc.
The development is on 5, not on 3 , afiak 3 only gets security updates.