Fiber optic internet using the sfp port instead of rj45

Hey all I will be getting fiber optic internet here in a few days and I was wondering if there are any advantages to having them hook up the fiber straight to the Omni’s sfp port (which I guess would bypass their need to install an ont?) compared to having them running an rj45 to the omnia like a normal cable internet connection would have?

If I can connect the fiber straight to the omnia’s sfp port then what would I need to tell the tech on how to go about doing that? And what all would I need to do on my end in order to get the fiber sfp port running with their internet?

Any help/knowledge would be great! Thanks!

Ask them if they can replace ONT with SFP GPON stick provisioned to work with their OLT. You may propose some supported SFPs menioned here on forum and on wiki. What you gain is probabbly 1ms less up to the internet and one less device to power (use plug)

Thanks for the reply. Doesn’t sound like the trade off is worth the trouble for that small amount of outcome results.

Do you happen to have those links to those pages you mentioned in your post?

Search results for 'Supported sfp order:latest' - Turris forum xd do your homework and read

Thanks @AreYouLoco much appreciated.

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