Ffmpeg with --enable-libx265 option

Dear Turris OS dev team,

Is it possible to include into the next release of turris-os-packages the ffmpeg compiled with --enable-libx265 configuration flag?

The libx265 package is available under multimedia but ffmpeg doesn’t use it:

Thank you!


I agree with the proposal. Would you please create a pull request in our repository?

I have cloned repository git@gitlab.labs.nic.cz:turris/turris-os-packages.git and made (rather optimistic) change in the Makefile in my local branch (on top of develop at 992e495b).
But, unfortunately, I don’t have necessary linux setup to compile turris os & packages for validating whether it works or not.
When I try to push my branch the “remote: You are not allowed to push code to this project.” error occurs.
I submitted the patch by email to packaging@turris.cz according to the article here:

Thanks! We received it. I will take a look at it and it could be part of Turris OS 5.1 release.

Hi Pepe,

Please kindly provide update whether you had a chance to look at the patch to include it into some of 5.1.x versions.