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Dear all,

right now I don’t know how to start this post… Maybe the facts will suffice.

Due to a hardware-defect with the SDIO-Wifie module I returned my MOX in late August 2019, and my MOX arrived on 20.08.2019 in Prague for repair. This was confirmed on 22.08.19 by Turris Support.

Since then, (today is day 83 after the confirmed arrival of my MOX in Prague) I did neither receive a fixed MOX, nor a status update on my regular request for information.

Instead of updating the community on the issue of the broken SDIO-Modules there is no response from the Turris-Team. But threads, discussing this issue, get closed by mods which also reminded in the same thread that they have 30 days time for warranty-repairs by law (see: No wifi in mox A with MIMO module, which is just a little bit “overdue” in my case).

I really wonder what the problem is you are facing right now, and what I can do to speed up the process.

All I want is to know two things:

  1. Can anybody please tell me, in public or as pm, what’s the status of my repair is?
  2. Can you also tell me when I can expect my MOX in my Mailbox?

I think, the MOX is a wonderful piece of hardware, and I really like the concept. The Turris Team has achieved a lot here, and I like to thank you all for your work on this hardware.

Side-Note: You will find post made by me discussing topics like LXC on MOX. These test have been made with a second MOX I desperately bought in order to get my Home network up and running again.


I have the same issue: module G+Wifi not working (it overheats almost immediately). I have not sent mine in yet, but opened a support ticket to request address + instructions on how to proceed.
This was back in July, with no response yet.

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Same issue. Module E wouldn’t work properly. I had a good e-mail exchange with the support team in which we tried to narrow down the problem, but I was ultimately asked to send the whole router back. Receipt was confirmed by support (in mid August). I contacted them multiple times, but haven’t heard back from them since then.

I feel like I have to resolve some things here. This year Communication with the Turris Team started to work again, and I received a new MOX. Let this be a gentle reminder, just stay patient and things will work out good for you in the end.

Thanks to the Turris Team for taking care of the issue and bringing such a great device to the market.