External storage in Luci?


As I want to keep some stats and data from my TO without killing internal Flash, I ordered a mSATA Drive to install in it and I was planning to do what explained here: https://doc.turris.cz/doc/en/howto/storage_plugin
But I have no storage tab or category in web interface of my LUCI (that is supposed up-to-date, I let router apply updates by itself automatically !)… Is documentation outdated ? and if so what is current process to do that ? terminal commands are ok too, I have no problem with a tuto in CLI !



You find the storage plugin in Foris

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according to the feedback I’ve changed a little bit to make it more clear that it can be find in Foris, which is by default available on IP address

Ah thanks so documentation was a little wrong :wink:

Thanks for update, perfect :wink:

In text displayed in storage plugin settings it states it’ll be relocate the /srv directory to the external storage but shouldn’t it do it too with /var ?

/var is symlinked to /tmp, but I think that I know your point. Are you asking to save (sys)logs? By default, we have them in RAM because they’re writing too much and you can use syslog-ng to add destination, where it will write logs. Anyway, we have issue on our Gitlab to add in Storage plugin.

I installed successfully the SSD in my TO, and made the move through GUI ! The bug you are talking about affects me ?


I’m not talking about the bug. It’s issue, which we’re creating on our Gitlab. For us, it’s easy to track bugs, feature request, request for updating packages and so on. It’s something like issue tracker because the forum is not meant to be an issue tracker nor for reporting bugs. It’s really hard to track bugs on the forum. Each bug should be reported to support, which is available on email address tech.support@turris.cz.

Anyway, the issue what I have mentioned is a feature request, which adds logs to /srv, when you’re using Storage plugin.