External Nextcloud, port forwarding

As my topic says, I have an external Nextcloud device. But the problem is I do not understand how I should modify firewall rules.
Here’s what I have done so far

DNS can resolve my address, and https setup is ok for Nextcloud, but port forwarding fails. All I get is Turris’ login screen.
Without port 143 in “Action” connection fails, but with port 143, it connects to Turris Foris

Normally you should port forward port 80 for http and 443 for https. Where did you get 143 from?

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Spot on! Honestly, I do not know where I took that. I’ve read so many pages.
Now I have corrected that.
The second problem I noticed was device DHCP lease changed IP address. Maybe because I had to revert settings back one step yesterday. I locked myself out from Turris for a moment :grinning:

Now I get a correct login screen, and I hope everything works as expected from now on.

Thank you for proofreading!

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Mark topic as solved.

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