Extent of WIFI configurability

I originally purchased a router without wifi, but just yesterday upgraded to the wifi version. My original intent was to use the router in front of four Ruckus access points already in place, hence no need for wifi. However, the reason I changed was the upgrade to AC for the room that the router is in.

Is it possible to run 802.11AC only and turn off BGN? If so, this should work fine with AC clients in the same room supplied by the Ruckus gear. If this won’t work I assume I can turn off wifi altogether in the Omnia or pull the wifi card.

The Turris Omnia has two Wifi cards. One for 802.11b/g/n and another one for 802.11ac (https://omnia.turris.cz/en/). You can just unplug the b/g/n card. Another plus: Now you’ve another free mPCIe slot!