Experiences with WireGuard

Has anyone tried WireGuard https://www.wireguard.io/ on Turris?

The version available in the Omnia repository is quite old:

wireguard-tools - 0.0.20160630-1

I guess it will need an update.

I enabled it between my two to routers (connected by 70mbit link). Wireshark was quite disappointing with only 15mbit, over openvpn i get 30mbit (over scp/ssh full 70mbit).

The version is very old. New versions perform faster. Also, if the kernel supports PA_DATA another performance improvement is likely to be observed. Unfortunately, instead of upstreaming Turris to LEDE and support faster migration of packages between up-to-dsate upstream and Turris, there is even more divergence stacking up. That’s a pity that this causes TurrisOS to be behind LEDE significantly.

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Looking at the kernel config
cat /proc/config.gz | gunzip > running.config

It doesn’t look like the omnia kernel was configured with CONFIG_PADATA
I wonder that they didn’t enable it. I mean there are two cores on the Marvell Armada 385…

I’ve done some test transfers (between me and my cloud server) with latest wireguard packges:

with straight sftp I was getting around 970KB/s
with wireguard & sftp I was averaging 935KB/s

not a massive drop. I’ll test it out on a faster link later in the week.