Experience with Turris and Ubiquiti Unifi AP

Hi all.

Does anyone have experience using a UniFi AP with the turris? The wifi coverage from the router itself is pretty bad and I’m thinking about getting a NanoHD or AC-LITE. Is there anything I need to be aware of? Is it pretty much plug-and-play? Any issues with VLANs? Haven’t found anything on the forums or on reddit specifically.

It’s a 4 room apartment. the walls are pretty thick and some have metal wiring in them as far as I’m aware. 1 nano should probably cover this, no?

Connection is gigabit fiber.

Thanks for any help. I can provide additional info if necessary.

There’s no reason to have a problem with it, frankly. I deployed a few UniFi APs and Turris should not differ from other routers. The principle of networking remains the same and vendors need to adhere to it.

Connect APs and have a controller on the same subnet. Do basic stuff. Once it works you can play with it more until you’re happy. If something doesn’t work troubleshooting will test your knowledge. You will see how deeply you understand networking or Turris config.

How I said. Start as simply as you can and then upgrade your process.

Not sure what to say more about it.

I noticed the same thing - a certain part of RF communication is black magic, so a lot of manufacturers aren’t willing to open source their drivers. Open source routers work great, but open source wifi drivers often leave much to be desired.

I’ve separated my moduation, routing, and wireless. I’ve got a Virgin Media DOCSIS modem operating in modem mode, a Turris MOX doing the routing, and a Ubiquiti AP AC Pro as the wifi interface.

To me it feels like the best of all possible worlds. DOCSIS is the best broadband I can get in my area, the Mox is a fantastic router, and Ubiquiti’s industrial-grade AP is good enough to handle dozens of devices at once.

This is good approach. I hate all-in-one devices. Average Joe might not mind it but more experienced people will see how flawed it is.


I’ve replaced an Omnia with a PC Engines APU2C2 (running OPNsense) + Unifi AP AC Lite combo for various reasons. The coverage in our apartment got better, though they are not exactly at the same place (but pretty close, ~1.5 metres apart).

It is NOT plug-and-play, you need a Unifi Controller to set even the basic things on the AP. No problems with VLANs at all. In the current setup the UC and the AP talk on the native/untagged VLAN, while there are 2 tagged VLANs for the WiFi clients.

The Unifi Controller can be installed on the Omnia in a Ubuntu 16.04 (the easiest) LXC container. I actually used this setup for a while.

Typo fix: I discovered after some weeks I had accidentally wrote “native/tagged” instead of the correct “native/untagged”.

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The Unifi Controller can be installed on the Omnia in a Ubuntu 16.04 (the easiest) LXC container

You’re fucking MVP pal. I haven’t thought of it and never would. LPT is always in the comments.

Thanks again.

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You’re welcome. :slight_smile: It ran pretty well, both the CPU and the memory (I have a 1 GB Omnia) were sufficient.

Thanks for all your replies. I‘ve been running the AP for a while now. Runs without issues. Connections are not always perfect but I haven‘t experienced a disconnect yet.

Very good idea with the container running the controller. I actually set it up in docker on my Synology, so I haven‘t tried setting it up on the router directly.