Everything sold



my two WLE1216v5-20 served me well for quite some time, but as I am upgrading right now I won’t need them anymore.
They are working just great (since the first day when I started to use them).
In terms of throughput there is no realworld difference to the newer 802.11ax-cards in terms of speed, realiability and connectivity, it can reach up to blazing 1Gbit/s iperf speeds when connected to with a 802.11ax WAVE2-client.

I am asking 70€ for this card.

The cooling stuff for MOX was only recently finalized, but I unfortunately started the work before deciding to use this very MOX in aloy IP65 rated outdoor-housing and replaced it by another TO.
This stuff is needed, if you want to efficiently operate a MOX B/G-module hosting a Wi-Fi-card that get’s as hot as the WLE900VX, WLE1216v5-20 or AW7915-NP1 (have a look into the following threads 1 and 2) - that is having a active fan cooling those hot cards and at the same time being whisperingly quiet.
It includes a Noctua NF-F12 5V PWM fan, a Noctua NA-FC1 4-Pin PWM fan controller and the relevant modified housing parts of the MOX as can be seen on the pictures.

I am asking only my expenses to break even, which are 40€.

In addition to that I don’t have a usecase anymore for my MOX wall mount, which I dedicatedly built for a MOX with one single extension module (so for example MOX A-B).
It looks simple but does its job and is pretty much invisible (only the angles can be seen).

I give it away for free.

The stuft can either be picked up in Germany near Mainz or be shipped (in that case shipping costs apply).