Ethernet port not working for a single Synology NAS

Hi everyone,

I am currently looking at a very strange problem and I am not sure how to continue debugging it. My Turris Omnia is working great and has the latest updates installed. However, I am unable to connect my Synology NAS (DS213) to it: if I plug in the ethernet cable, the LED simple does not light up.

I tried different cables, with or without other machines connected to the router, and nothing changes. All other machines (laptop, NUC, …) work just fine as soon as I plug them in. (Using the same cable as the NAS)

Whatever I try, the router is not receiving any signal from the NAS. When I try connecting the NAS to my laptop directly or to another router, it works as expected.

I don’t know what next to look at so I was hoping to try my luck here. :slight_smile:

Does anyone have any idea what could cause such a problem, and how I can go about debugging it?

Thank you,

Hi Steven,
maybe try to connect first to Synology NAS directly by cable and set right IP adress according to range provided by Turris Omnia or select Automatic IP setting. Than save setting and after that connect to router. I’m not network expert, but I have old Turris v 1.0 and Synology NAS 214. Probably you have different range of IP on NAS and Turris.

Try it and let me know if it works for you.

Hi Petr,

Thanks for your suggestion! I did make sure the IP is correct, it’s just that there seems to be no signal at all: the LED for the ethernet ports I try is simply not lighting up. The others (connected to other machines) do.

Thanks again!


It is very strenge situation. I’m thinking about it and only few thing gets to my mind. Some firewall rules blocking IP adress of NAS applied on router. Or something is wrongly set on NAS. My problem was with wrong setting of NAS IP. Once I changed it, connection was established and led blinked correctly.

Maybe other advanced users could be more helpfull than I. :confused:


Thanks Petr.

The problems happens way before there is even any mention of network configuration. I can see in the logs that nothing happens when I plug in the NAS. There is no link at all, see this screenshot: (in this example, plugged into port 4).