Errors from Foris controller backend

After upgrade to TOS5.1 I can see these foris related errors in logs when working in both old Foris as well as reForis.

Aug 29 07:37:55 omnia foris-controller[6721]: ERROR:foris_controller_backends.files:Failed to parse content of the file '/proc/cmdline'

The content of /proc/cmdline is:

earlyprintk console=ttyS0,115200 rootfstype=btrfs rootdelay=2 root=b301 rootflags=subvol=@,commit=5 rw cfg80211.freg=**

I cannot see any impact to functionality - just annoying to see the entries in log.

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These are harmless. It was reported already here: Turris OS 5.1 is out and here

It will be fixed with Turris OS 5.1.1.


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