Equivalent of guest-WiFi for LAN port?

I have two Turris devices running - Omnia, running OpenVPN server, and remote MOX, running OpenVPN client. Now all traffic from MOX goes through tunnel.
I’d like to dedicate on MOX one LAN port that would go directly to internet without passing data through VPN, with its own LAN IP range - something like the guest WiFi. Could you please direct me to an existing Turris or OpenVPN article describing how to achieve this? I was not successful with googling around…
Thanks in advance!

I finally found partial answer, Guest network - Turris Documentation describes LAN port associated to Guest network. I have to check whether this traffic will go through VPN tunnel or not. In case you know - could you leave a short note? Thx!

You hahe to use VLAN for port you need to be separated.