Enable HW virtualization on Turris Omnia

Is it possible to enable full virtualization support on Turris Omnia? arm7l supports HW virtualization, but it must be switched to HYP mode (before SVC mode - from SVC it´s not allowed to switch to HYP mode). See U-Boot/Linux and HYP mode on ARMv7 | falstaff - yet another tech blog

I think that HYP mode can open new possibilities and optimize resource consumption…

What do you think?


I want to experiment with separation of Turris OS to two parts/subsystems:

  1. Core router - will do all critical stuff like routing, DHCP, firewall, etc. - if this will work, then I want to try to configure this “VM” as Realtime OS…

  2. User Turris OS - everything else (disposable on demand) like lxc, non-critical packages, etc.

For this I need to enable HYP mode to be able to schedule and ochestrate somehow this model…

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The CPU used in Omnia - Marvell Armada 385 (88F6820) - does not have support for HW virtualization.

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