Email Notification Configuration Using Turris SMTP Server Gives Error on Turris Omnia

Getting an error my Email Notification Configuration is somehow incorrect.

See below.

Are there additional incoming/outgoing firewall ports that need to be opened or other settings configured to successfully use Turris’s SMTP server for email notifications?

When did you get this error message? We were upgrading and rebooting the SMTP server used for notifications yesterday between 22:08 and 22:12 CEST (20:08 - 20:12 UTC). If the problem occurred at another time, please generate the diagnostics data and send it to our support.

Unable to attach the requested diagnostics file here so forwarded it along by email.

However, I’ve not been able to find my way back to the mail configuration page from either Luci or reForis consoles.

However, when in LUCI I noticed it’s always REFRESHING. See below.

I finally threw in the towel and manually re-flashed my Turris Omnia’s firmware with a USB flash drive containing the latest firmware, followed by a complete reset and network configuration.

This fixed both the email issue AND my other issue where computers on my Omnia’s wireless LAN couldn’t connect to the WAN/Internet.

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