ECCN and CCATS number


I just purchased a Turris Omnia 2020 from Amazon, but my mail forwarder requested ECCN and CCATS number for them to be able to export it for me.

Can one of the Turris team send me these numbers so I can get them to send it to me?

write them directly: or maybe better to use

Thank you for the suggestion. I already did but I thought I might get an answer here faster since there’s a deadline for the mail forwarder to send it back to Amazon.

Is there no one from the Turris team that can help?

Though not being manufactured/assembled in the US (US-origin items) the product is in transit (import > re-export) and thus apparently indeed subjected to EAR plus there is the De-Minimis-Rule (not sure whether applicable for the manufacturer, e.g. exceeding the 25 % composition deck).

That said you might consider that CZ.NIC is not the seller and thus exporter, unless they got a branch in the US selling the product on Amazon, but it is either Amazon or the seller on the Amazon platform.

You should query the seller/trader for those information since the exporter is responsible for compliance with EAR.

Thank you for your suggestion. I sent an email to and got a reply from the support team, the Turris marketing team might reply tomorrow.

They also suggested to contact the Amazon seller, but the thing is the seller is Turris but they might be the US branch like you said. I will ask the seller and hopefully they provide the info.

All this a bit confusing to me because I never had such an issue.

Well the thing is that if the manufacturer is not subjected to the EAR De-Minimis-Rule or having a branch in the US that re-exports from the US they likely will not have the requested information on hand.

There seems to be only 2 sellers on Amazon US for the product listed

Suppose you procured from the first one

That would make Amazon the initial shipper but since you subcontracting the delivery with a

the product is shipped only to the mail forwarder who then becomes the shipper/exporter to the country of destination.

The way you are procuring the product you are constructing a supply chain with multiple shippers responsible for different legs of the journey.

If such worked in the past perhaps the EAR rules have changed since then with regard to the country of destination.

The ones I’m dealing with now are different from the ones I dealt with before. The current forwarder is based in Florida and the old one is in New York, could that be a reason for this?

I just checked if I could ship from Amazon directly to my country, it turns out that I can but I’m sure it was not available when I made the order… I’ll wait until tomorrow and see, if I don’t get the info I might as well just tell the forwarder to return the router and just get it over with.

Could be one reason, if both play by the rules it should not though, however might be that current forwarder is just lazy or less knowledgeable than the previous one.

I reckon though that it might be rather caused by the recent spats over exporting teleco technology/equipment from the US.

I thought it was a US vs China thing, you think it includes other countries as well?

Not directly, but it might muddy/complicate the EAR rules in general and which makes shippers not only more cautious but makes it also more difficult for shippers to abide timely by the ever changing rules. Amazon has more manpower to sift through the rules jungle than perhaps any of those mail forwarders.

Could be either that ECCN | CCATS were not available in the custom’s database at the time of the order but are now or Amazon meantime got around adjusting to latest EAR rules.

Anyway, that is all speculative but at least you got an option now if the mail forwarder does not work out.

Thanks for talk, I learned a lot here today.

indeed, me too, thanks @anon82920800
@Saud you have to buy it in US (via .us/.com amazon)? 'Coz maybe if you use some local amazon sites (.de, .uk, .fr) it might be without ecc/ccats and shipping restrictions.

@Maxmilian_Picmaus That’s where I bought it from. I got a reply from the seller and they told that Amazon handled the shipping so I should talk to them.

I will contact them tomorrow and see what they say.

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