Easy Plug-In Installer and Comandline Web-Interface

will there be an menu for installing plugins like transmission? Or only via SSH?

And i know from DD-WRT that they have a commandline interface implemented in the web interface which is quite useful for quick changes or to send only one command to the router. And we dont need to enable ssh extra for that.

There is package management module in the LuCI web interface of OpenWRT. AFAIK there is no interactive web console yet, but it’s open source, patches are welcome! :wink:

hmm, isn’t luci-app-console sth like that?

hmm, isn’t luci-app-console sth like that?

Where have you found luci-app-console? I don’t see it in LuCI sources: luci/applications at master · openwrt/luci · GitHub

sorry, i meant luci-app-commands

This page allows you to configure custom shell commands which can be easily invoked from the web interface.

so it is about executing pre-configured commands - should have looked it up before posting m(

No, actually, you can add commands via the interface

yeah, i think i need to practice my english a little bit more :wink: that’s exactly what i meant: you define some commands via web-interface and execute them by pressing a button, afterwards you can see the output… but it’s not exactly like a web-driven commandline, what m3thm1n asked for

Ah, yes, that’s correct :slight_smile:

But that is totally fine for my usecases. Thats for the lifting the fog :slight_smile:

You can use UCI for the most configuration tasks in OpenWRT.