Early bird OS 7.0.0

MOX classic, HBK branch, .5 GB, 2x WiFi, simple config. All seems OK, only small bug in reForis:

reForis → Administration → Hostname
Here you can check and set the name of your device.
An unknown API error occurred.

And, there were couple of warnings in pkgupdate (yes, I’m doing updates manually) about SSL out of date :wink:



firstly thanks for the testing. :wink:

Regarding described troubles:
Hostname → We have fix and will be released soon
Regarding openssl warning, we are now working on update, probably will be fixed at TOS 7.1

Thanks again for testing.


Is there some nice and short list of important changes brought by 22.03? The official release notes are a bit hard to digest…

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Transition to nftables for packet filtering is the big one, in my view. But for OpenWRT it is meant to be relatively transparent.
For OpenWRT it’s also kernel changes but Turris OS’s kernels are specific anyway, so we might not see a kernel vesion jump between 6 and 7.

There will be no kernel change and we are also delaying switch to nftables to the later release. The goal is to have transition to 7.0 as boring as possible :slight_smile:


Yep this makes transition simpler. Other updates can come later. First focus on basic major upgrade.

Bug? Turris OS 7.0 on Omnia on branch HBT: I see ‘transmission’ running at 100% CPU. After I killed it with SIGTERM, it restarted and went back to 100% CPU use. Before I killed it, I did a quick strace() and once a second transmission was getting the time and calling fsync(), so not spinning on syscalls, though the fsync() call was failing with -1 EINVAL. I have since disabled the transmission service on my Omnia.

Better than downgrade to stable?