E3372s no webui dhcp off

HI! I have turned off my dhcp of e3372s and now I can not get it work and it is not working any more… balong wont detect port neither or detect the stick how can I get it work… I do not have enough knowldge and I need help thank you

Well. Write to me private message we will get it going. I am bored

Heelo Sir!
as I have mentioned before I am not expert but am trying here to solve this mess I have done when I turned off my DHCP by mistake and since then I could not use the dongel.

  1. I was exiceted when I changed the IP login and later I turned the DHCP off and I gave that stick to my friend who flashed it before but he could not do anything for it
    2.I have downloaded virtual machine and I have downloaded win7 but I could not make it work
    3.I had problem getting port com LPT to work since the virtual machine was unable to detect the driver and later I installe the usb 3.0 driver
    4.when I used the needle method to get the E3372S in the HUAWEI Mobile Connect - 3G Application it was recognized by my windows 11 machine not by the virtualbox win7.

do you have any idea how to get it work or is there any method to get it work through the virtual box machine?
please correct me if I am doing wrong
Thank you for your help

Do you remember IP addresses the Dongle was offering?

If you got IP address like 192.168.8.x/24 just set it up statically on your network interface and you should be able to reach the modem on or whatever is the correct IP address

I dont understand your approach with VMs

Ok now I get it. I used similar dongle in the past. It creates COM port (modem) for connection. But it should be also detected as network card in the system. But with no IP. So you need to assign IP on that interface from the subnet of a modem. And you shouldbbe able to ge to the webui of a dongle like that and for example restore to factory settings or simply turn on dhcp

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