Dynamic DNS for IPv6

I am trying to set up access to my web server via IPv6.
For IPv4 I run a dynamic DNS client on the Turris Omnia (TurrisOS 7.0.0) and just port forward my web server.
For IPv6 however, I cannot just do that, because port forwards aren’t a thing by default.

Any idea how I could enable IPv6 access to my web server?
I already tried a traffic rule, which didn’t seem to do anything:

I also tried enabling NAT66 as per [OpenWrt Wiki] NAT66 and IPv6 masquerading and forwarding the port as per [OpenWrt Wiki] IPv6 firewall examples, but that doesn’t work either. The firewall throws a Warning: Option @zone[1].masq6 is unknown which suggests that TurrisOS 7.0.0 doesn’t support this option, even though it is seemingly based on OpenWrt 22.04.

Ipv6 are all public except for link local and nat6 options.

Just do a traffic rule allowing incoming traffic to your IPv6 (server address not router) and it should work so no port forwards but allow input assuming you dont have a further firewall on the server itself

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The problem is that the dynamic DNS client gets the IPv6 address of my router. So my AAAA record points to the router, not the web server.

I either need a way for the dynamic DNS client to get the web servers IPv6 address, or for the router to forward to the web server.

Install ddns-client on the server

Exactly this. Your Omnia does always report his own address to the DynDNS Server. So you need to set this up on the cllient. Try https://ddclient.net/.

DDNS won’t help you with the firewall part, I think.

The OpenWrt firewall (fw3 and fw4) supports dynamic prefix forwarding.