Dual WAN help needed

Just had another WAN connection… Do I just plug the RJ-45 to the port marked LAN4 at the back of the Turris Omnia router??? What settings do I need to change so I can load balance between LAN4 and WAN??? TIA for the help…

check this

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Thx for the help… Unfortunately, it is not on the list… How can I load it to the router and where to find the app???

luci-app-mwan3 and mwan3

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and here is “how to” https://www.turris.cz/doc/en/howto/multiwan you will just need to make some changes

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Hi David, Thank you very much for the guidance…

I did look for those two, but can’t find it from the list to “Install”…

As for the Howto, I did see that previously, but I do not need a “failover” setup, I would want a setup that will “load balance”…

Can this help me?? -->> https://wiki.openwrt.org/doc/howto/mwan3

sure, you can setup it as “load balance/r”.

if you dont see them, just check it they are not installed already, and/or try to update list of packages (opkg update in console).

Because for they are availablein repo for sure


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Do I use this feature/option “Download and install package:” under System ->> Software and paste the link above that you provided??? Do I download both or just one???

you need both, first is service itself and second is some gui for luci

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Thx David, I was able to make it work… \m/ \m/

Good you are welcome