DSL connection Best Practices

Hi Everyone.

I’m looking for some advice on setting up my new Omnia 2020
I bought it to replace an ageing Zyxell that came from my ISP here in the UK.

Unfortunately I didn’t do my research properly (was too excited by the wonderful hardware to fully check) and I can’t connect the Omnia up to my DLS RJ45 connection.

I purchased one of these : https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B078V1G3KG/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o05_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

in the hope that it would magically work (based on something I read, which I’ve been unable to find again where the omnia detected an SFP and configured itself). This did not seem to happen.

Clearly I’m slightly out of my depth. I’m comfortable in linux and can set up a network with a bit of luck and a lot of google.

So, my question. What is the best way for me to utilise my omnia here in the UK with my DSL line? I’ve been unable to find much on-line. Can I get an SFP unit or should I place something between the omnia and the DLS line?

Bonus points for pointing me to excellent openWRT information as I’m intending to level up on all this.

You will find some information about an allnet vdsl modem sfp-module in this forum, but it is no really good idea as it gets pretty hot and thus won’t last long. And if I remember right, there are issues running it under TOS v.5.x(+).
Unfortunately that’s it for “lean” interfacing, the only other way is to have a dedicated VDSL-modem between your TO and the ISP’s endpoint.

On a quick read I see 1000Base-T written on your link, i.e. that would be the same as Omnia’s WAN without any module. EDIT: so nothing like *DSL.

I think the easiest (albeit not the most elegant and/or space/energy efficient) solution would be to simply connect the omnia to a modem configured into “bridge-mode” and use that modem to perform the “media-conversion” from DSL to ethernet. In the UK you should be able to get BT HomeHub5A’s that are already flashed to OpenWrt and can be configured as bridged modems relatively easily.

Over at the OpenWrt forum one user in the UK is currently selling two:

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If you are on a VDSL connection (BT/OpenReach or TalkTalk based) then it is a PPOE connection and you require a modem.

I use a DrayTek Vigor 130 then connect the Omnia as router to that.

It may be possible to set your ISP provided device as a modem/bridge.

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