DSA in Turris OS 6 on Omnia

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I’ve bought the 2.5 Gbps SFP module for Omnia and now am trying to make use of it somehow. I have found Nastavení interních VLAN [Turris wiki] and am now trying to configure Omnia in a way that one of the internal ethernet ports (let’s say lan4) will be bridged to eth0 on the SoC while other internal ethernet ports will be bridged to eth2 on the SoC.

I have no switch_vlan sections in /etc/config/network and moreover the documentation looks like it’s not really valid for Turris OS 6.2 which I am now running.

All traffic from the internal lan0lan4 interfaces I currently am able to split to two br-lan and br-otherlan devices seem to be switched via a single switch port on the SoC, as tcpdump for incoming traffic looks like it’s coming via the system’s eth2 instead of eth0 which I was expecting to be used.

I can’t seem to find a LuCi configuration or forum thread that would be helping with this. Maybe I’m looking on bad places. Can you help me, please?


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I got the impression that with the transition to DSA, utilizing the second internal CPU port stopped being possible. I haven’t seen any workaround for it yet.

Thanks. That’s quite bad news.
I am finding patches to support this scenario all over the interwebs, e.g. here [PATCH net-next 0/9] DSA changes for multiple CPU ports (part 4) — Netdev

But there’s no documentation from the Turris team.

Also, there was also this thread and patch, that didn’t seem to make it in openwrt: DSA: only one master/CPU port supported? - For Developers - OpenWrt Forum

“every switch port is assigned to eth1” Omnia + TOS 6.0 (HBL): Switch configuration broken (#336) · Issues · Turris / Turris OS / Turris Build · GitLab
This is exactly what I see. (@DDD)

More Gitlab issues:

This is interesting. It looks like some patch made it to openwrt, causing issues, and it was worked around by the Turris team. patches/openwrt: Fix multi-CPU DSA on kernel 5.4 (!463) · Merge requests · Turris / Turris OS / Turris Build · GitLab

I’m not saying that 100% sure. That was just my feeling (i.e. I think I remember reading it somewhere, but I might be wrong).

Yes, at the moment configuring the switch is no longer possible, until the proper fixes are in place: