Downtime: Firewall: 24 hours, uCollect: 0 hours

This is pretty perplexing to me. I’ve asked Turris to collect downtime information, and mail me about excessive information. Today I got this:

During the previous day, following downtime of your router “Router 1” was recorded:

Firewall: 24 hours
uCollect: 0 hours

The total sum of outages is currently 328 h.

I was connected for the last 24 hours. I used my router during that time, and everything was fine. What does it mean when it reports that my firewall is down?

No, it means the firewall stats haven’t been uploaded over to the data collection site during those hours. I have the same problem, it’s somehow related to the last update.

Shouldn’t affect basic router operation in any way.

Cron problem. See other posts in discussion. Simply
mkdir /etc/crontabs/
/etc/init.d/cron restart

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Any specific post you could direct us to?

I get similar reports and was wondering the same (including its background / root-cause).