Downgrade to 4/3 Software

Hi there,

My setup does not work with the 5.x branch, i would love to try a downgrade to see if everything works again.

Can someone point me to downloadable archives to flash trough a usb stick? I only found the latest version as tar.gz file to directly download to a stick.

Br, Paulie

Which of your settings is not functional in the higher version? Wait and see if your assumption is confirmed. Downgrade is not a good solution because you will lose the updated system.

In general, it would be best to use your own last working system image created by schnapps - and rollback. Procedure in the documentation Omnia - Turris Documentation

If you don’t have a working system image saved, you must rollback to medkit version 3/4 and reconfigure your entire settings. At the moment, I found the archive**

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What is your setup? Maybe you should try newer versions instead?

I have never had issues for years, suddenly i have no internet connection at all.

no dns no dhcp, just nothing.

I have a fiber / sfp connection that was working until the update yesterday.
I have already reset the configuration / flashed different firmwares, no change.

I don’t even get anything in the initial setup wizard.
Also in hardware interfaces, there is just “WAN”, no “SFP”, don’t know why…

Rollback? Schnapps - Turris Documentation

As a first aid, it is enough to rollback to the working version in reForis - Snapshots and stop the updates.

Hello @pauliep,

Thank you for your message. If you face such troubles after years without issues, there is a serious suspicion of malfunction.

What is the type of your router? And what Turris OS version did your router update from?

Please, contact us at our official support e-mail address,, which is mentioned in our documentation.

Ok, i have successfully tested it now:

Version 5.x (latest) → not working, neither dhcp nor DNS
Version 4.x (highest) → not working, neither dhcp nor DNS
Version 3.11 → works like a charm. I am actually writing this post from the connection through this.

All versions vanilla, flashed through the USB port, downloaded from** and went through initial wizard with same settings. DHCP IP4, various DNS Servers tested.

|Device|Turris Omnia
|Serial number|515396xxx

TOS 3 is vulnerable. Contact support via e-mail instead.

ok, done. not going to risk this.

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Can you please try to run this command on your Omnia, reboot and verify SFP is recognized in the system?
ln -sf armada-385-turris-omnia-sfp.dtb /boot/dtb

On what Version am I supposed to do this?

Definitely latest TOS 5.

On TOS 5.x

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sorry but maybe I am too stupid.

ssh keeps telling me the password is wrong.

I changed it three times in the interface (changing luci&simple interface pw) what am I doing wrong here?

I managed to run the command and it seems it did the trick.

Can you let me know how I possibly could have found this on my own? Just out of curiosity…

I had a look at the documentation before and afterwards. I get it now, that this part is pointing it out:

“Turris OS 5.0+ no longer supports switching between SFP and metallic in runtime. Switch is performed on boot for that boot-loader update is required. This is not yet available and so you have to switch between SFP and metallic manually.”

But to be honest, I could never ever think that this has something to do with my issue. I still don’t nknow what “metallic” means and why i would ever have to “switch between metallic and SFP in runtime”…

Nevermind. Thanks a lot for your help! Have a nice day. Case closed

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Metallic - or magnetics - is the RJ45 port marked as WAN. The WAN port is dual-personality - it means you can use magnetics or SFP but not both at a time.

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