Domain of DHCP clients in DNS - second/third level domain

I would like to use the new functionality in Turris OS 3.8:
• A new function in Foris is also the option to propagate client names into local DNS.

Why I’m not able to set the Domain of DHCP clients in DNS (Doména DHCP klientů v DNS) to something like It accepts only domain without dots (so something like “lan”), but I would like to have the names as something like
Did I missunderstood something?

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My post seems to be lost in all the more important issues, so I’ll try to highlight it now.

Is there any reason, why I’m not able to put real domain (second or third level) to the Domain of DHCP clients in DNS (Doména DHCP klientů v DNS) field in Foris? (see the full description above)

I consider it a bug. Using one’s own domain name is currently the only way one can truly ensure that no name collisions can ever happen. It’s certainly the way for serious deployments, like “big companies”.

I just created issue for this, but it’s hard to say if/when it will be implemented.

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Well, feel free to review and test the implementation :wink:

How can I test your implementation?

From simple ways, I know only an ugly one: find the python file I patched on your Omnia, and apply the patch directly (!)

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Merged and scheduled for 3.9.

As a temporary hacky workaround, it worked for me to just apply the patches to the files on disk (but note that the JS is minimized).

@hyper_ch will like to hear that emptying the field lead for me to the state that the DHCP names were placed directly under the DNS root, i.e. machine names resolved without any dots. (Almost out-of-box config with knot-resolver.)

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I’d have to try… however last night, the office war burglered… all it stuff gone (except for some switches and sip phones and printers)… so I’ll first need to get my office up and running again.

Thanks again for your work @vcunat, I can confirm it works with TO v.3.9! :slight_smile: