Does RM520N-GL (5G modem) work on Omnia?

I am hoping to at least get usb 3.0 or pcie x 1 speed.
I am not so sure if the mpcie slot on Omnia is usb 2.0 only or it does provide pcie lane x1. (see the picture please)

Could someone from Turris kindly answer me please?
@Pepe @miska @vcunat

Again, my questions are:

  1. does RM520N-GL work on Omnia? (please kindly check the pin out of this M.2 card)
  2. does the mpcie slot on Omnia provide x1 pcie lane? (the empty slot on pic with sim card inserted)

Thank you.

I know RM520N-GL is a M.2 card and I would need an adapter to make it works.