Does MOX support VLAN tagging on MOD C or E?

Does MOX support tagging each port on C or E module into it’s own VLAN?

I haven’t found this information in docs. I’m aware that Omnia does support it, but since MOX has different HW scheme, I’m not sure.

Thank you

There are two ways for tagging on all TOS versions > 4: hardware- and software-based. None of these is configurable via gui (reforis/foris/luci).
For software-based configuration you need to configure /etc/config/network via ssh: put the “lan1”/“lan2”/“lan3”/“lan4” to the interface where you need it and append VLAN-ID. e.g. for putting ethernet-port LAN 3 to guest-network and VLAN 99, delete “lan3” from interface lan and enter “lan3.99” to interface guest ⇨ option ifname and do a “/etc/init.d/network restart”. I don’t know how exactly the lan-ports are identified for the several MOX-modules but believe you can find it either on the forum or in documentation.
For hardwarebased tagging have a search for “DSA” on this forum.

By looking into How to config 88E6176 switch on TURRIS MOX C? I assume that 88e6176 switch can do that, it’s not just possible yet. I’m kinda new to VLAN stuff, so excuse my simple questions.

Are you new to editing Linux configuration via SSH, too?
If not I provided the necessary information in my post above (for nearly all use cases the software-based VLAN-tagging should be absolutely satisfying your needs :slight_smile: ). What you now need to find out is how the lanports are named. Maybe start with printout of ssh-terminal using command “cat /etc/init.d/network”.

I am sure you meant ’/etc/config/network’