Do you have a question? (please help with SView FAQ)

Well, as the title says, I am not here to search for answers. Maybe later, I am on the hunt for questions.

What is the problem? I am making some detail information content in Sentinel View and i stumbled upon FAQ for the page. I’d be very glad if you help me, with what would have brand new Turris user ask regarding Sentinel workflow.

You may found help in some of my last articles focused on sview, hope it helps.

For the ones who do not have questions, please vote for question that seems to fit the best the FAQ format.


Perhaps it would be a good idea to post the link to the existing FAQ on Sentinel View that you found? To avoid duplication of questions.

Oh, it actually does not exist yet.

Oh, good to know. I was confused.

How many sensors/ routers do you get the feed from?
No need for perfect detailes, but would be interresting with some idea of country distribution as well

Are the passwords stored in clear-text or as a hash and if then in which hash?

That is very good question, thank you!

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This changes every month. But we can make some median for half a year and put a number,
thanks for the suggestion.

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