Dnsmasq / knot / odhcpd

As far as I understand, the Omnia is distributed with Dnsmasq, Knot, and odhcpd and dnsmasq…

What for?

  • Knot is used for DNS(SEC) resolution.
  • From /var/etc/dnsmasq, I understand dnsmasq deals with DHCPv4
  • And odhcpd? Maybe DHCPv6 and RA

With Knot on DNS stuff, is Dnsmasq necessary? From the few doc I saw about odhcpd, this one can provide DHCPv4, DHCPv6 and RA.

I didn’t check it, but @opotonil in his post here said:

DNS: kresd
DHCP: dnsmasq
DHCPv6: odhcpd

For your question I think you need to wait for developer to answer your question.

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Thanks. Not using odhcpd for DHCPv4 is still a mystery…

Where are the configurations and lease lists (or, config files and runtime files) stored for dnsmasq and odhcpd? My dnsmasq.conf file contains nothing but commented out boilerplate. If my network only uses ipv4, is there any reason for me to run odhcpd? Or could I use it for v4 and v6, removing dnsmasq entirely?

I should clarify my post: dhcp addresses that do not correspond to the LuCu config or info in /etc/config are being assigned somehow on my network, so I am inferring that there are actual config files somewhere that I’ve not yet found.

Config is in /etc/config/dhcp, in dhcp, dnsmasq and odhcpd sections. Seems you don’t know UCI configuration.

If you only use IPv4, I think odhcpd is useless.

For my own use, with DHCPv4 and SLAAC, I disabled Dnsmasq and only use odhcpd+kresd.

Thanks @Benoit. UCI is new to me - as is openWRT generally. Reading UCI pages now.

@Benoit or others, could you offer insight into why dnsmasq alone wouldn’t be sufficient for v4 dns/dhcp + v6 if I installed the full version? As mentioned above, my network operates on v4. Is the reason for odhcpd that it offers more router-useful functions than dnsmasq? Any reason for selecting kresd rather than dnsmasq? I’ve read the linked post by @opotonil. The underlying reasons for choosing to use 3 are not clear to me - possibly bc my router experience is limited to COTS units. I’m familiar with dnsmasq from using it on my firewalls, and my ip assignment was working reliably before I switched from firewall/dnsmasq to Omnia/gang-of-three :slight_smile: . Any help understanding why would help me a lot!

One direct benefice of using kresd over dnsmasq is that kresd provides DNSSEC.

Ok DNSSEC certainly makes sense. At the moment, I’m baffled by odhcpd apparently not issuing IP addresses. I have rebooted both router and core switch many times now since Friday. I’ve turned off the dhcp capabilities on the Ubiquiti core switch bc that clearly was not working correctly. Odhcpd is running on my Omnia. I’ve looked in the dhcp file in config, and see the entries including the one that I’m testing with that keeps getting x.x.x.7 instead of x.x.x.101 ip. Since sometime late Friday night, I have lost the ability to use the WiFi networks - ip addresses are not being assigned.

I’ve now reset the Ubiquiti switch to factory defaults to ensure that it is not contributing to this problem. Only the Omnia, Ubiquiti and my iMac are showing up on the network - bc all have fixed IP. AFIK the Omnia is the only dhcp server running on the network.

Wow, I finally got dnsmasq to start. Dhcp is running again for ipv4. Probably something that I did wrong while trying to figure out the post-reboot/overnight problem. Rough couple of days. :expressionless: