DNS server override

How is it after all this time, this still doesn’t work? It is such a basic feature. I don’t want to use my ISP for DNS. I want Cloudflare, Google, Level3… whatever…


With me works only Google forward - and the most reliable is DNS without forward. But setting it simply in Foris.
Function and speed settings I testing here http://0skar.cz/dns/

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Yes, I also recommend Foris. The DNS+DHCP thing in luci sets up dnsmasq, but that service is not used by default for DNS. BTW, you can use just the router itself without any “intermediary” resolvers – uncheck “forwarding” in Foris DNS tab.

See explanation here: Foris UI - Which DNS is used?

Thanks for the responses all. I moved the configuration to Foris and picked Cloudflare and all seems to be ok. I prefer having more control, but this is good enough for now.