DNS Server different view

In the Turris configuration the Cloudflare DNS servers have been set as “DNS forwarder”. In Luci Status “Network” the DNS servers of the provider are shown as configured. Where does this difference come from and which configuration is actually active? How can I check this?

Different (hybrid) deployments in OpenWrt and the patchset in TOS:

[1] https://tenta.com/test
[2] https://ipleak.net
[3] http://www.whatsmydnsserver.com
[4] https://www.dnsleaktest.com/

As posted, DNS is controlled by different daemon in Turris – I’ll explicitly add that the relevant parts of luci are not modified (from openwrt, I believe) and their appearance “assumes” DNS is controlled by dnsmasq, so together DNS might appear confusing in luci.

I recommend to use Foris for DNS stuff, if that’s what’s sufficient for you. Some other commonly desired DNS “tricks” are described in the wiki: https://wiki.turris.cz/doc/en/public/dns_knot_misc