DNS resolver for local domain not always resolving


i have enabled the DNS resolver for local resolving by enabling the option in Foris UI. I have noticed the following behaviour:

I ping “myhost.mylocaldomain”, and the pings are returned by "myhost.mylocaldomain"
I ping “myhost” without the extended domain and the pings are returned by “myhost.mylocaldomain”. So far, so good, but:

I dig the DNS from a lan client for “myhost.mylocaldomain” and the DNS returns the correct IP.
I dig the DNS from a lan client for “myhost” without the extended domain, and DNS does not resolve this host. What can i do to fix this?

I am old, and this is from memory…

I am assuming you’ve a WIndows client (I am not so sure of the behaviors of un*x clients).

If you execute ipconfig /all, you’ll see something like:

Connection-specific DNS Suffix . : home

The Turris/OpenWrt default is ‘lan’, but I use ‘home’.

So, if your client pings somehost, it goes via the gethostbyname API and will try:


IIRC, on Windows, if the Primary (?) domain suffix is A.B.C (e.g. company.co.uk), it will also try:


There are ways of adding multiple suffices to a Windows client (I recall via DHCP options).

[EDIT] Oh, and there is also a primary DNS suffix. So the Primary suffix is used for all interfaces, but the Connection-specific suffix is only for that interface.

And don’t even ask me what is was like when Windows relied upon NetBIOS name resolution in addition to the above!

dig queries raw DNS. IMO it’s best, assuming you want it, to instruct your OS to append your domain suffix for dot-less names. (Some dotless names do have data in today’s DNS, but well…) On Linux systems you want search myDomain in /etc/resolv.conf (details in man resolv.conf).

I am propagating the search domain via DHCP. So you say this is indented behaviour of DNS and that i should not worry about dig not resolving dotless names?

Well, squatting on “random” global names is risky in general. Even using .lan top-level domain is actually risky, because it’s not reserved in any way – someone may just register it in the next round; there are many already – but we would know about .lan being taken long enough in advance, etc.

The search domain i propagate is reserved by myself. It is a subdomain of a “real” domain i own, and which points to my home LAN via DynDNS, so this is no problem. Trying to reach to a random hostname from the inside is pointing to my router via a default fallback directive in dnsmasq.
However, i still am not sure if you made clear that the search domain extension is the intended behaviour - or should i configure my dnsmasq/kresd to resolve not-extended hostnames as well?

Knot-resolver does not auto-extend queries. There it would be more risky than usual if some other resolver was forwarding to it, as it’s common to ask one-label queries, e.g. cz NS.

I certainly prefer doing this on the client, though one could easily change the scripts to fill the resolver with both the dot-less and full names.