DNS redirection


I need short reference or manual how to set-up dns redirection on Turris omnia.
In my old system (non omnia) I was able to do something like


and it was done.

However its not working there. Can somebody provide me working solution?

Thank you

You should probably search for RPZ on the forum.

Yes. If it’s just a couple of exact matches, it’s simpler to use

hints['somedomain.com'] = ''
hints['some-other-domain.net'] = '23:ab::beef'

instead of full RPZ. (The resolver config is extended in the same way as with RPZ.)

hints['somedomain.com'] = ''
hints['some-other-domain.net'] = '23:ab::beef'

Sorry, a bit of a newbie with OpenWRT/TO. Where are you configuring the hints directly like this?

To add custom kresd config, I’d follow Knot resolver and RPZ point 1) and then like 2) except that the config to add would be those hints lines instead of policy ones.

Thank you!

I didn’t have the commented option include_config line in /etc/config/resolver. Anyway, added it and the custom config, then restarted kresd from luci at it works as expected. Simple and useful.