I have the Turris Omnia - rtrom01 running version 3.10.3. I’m getting lots of failed webpage loads since moving into a new place. The error Chrome gives is DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN so I assume it’s related to DNS. I haven’t customized anything on the router since I don’t need anything really unusual plus I don’t know too much about everything. It’s definitely more router than I need, but I got it from someone who didn’t need it for a great price.

Any advice? I’d expect to find an easy place to change the DNS server to something more reliable like Google’s in case the ISP just has a bad one, but can’t find where that is in the settings. Thanks.

First easy thing to try: uncheck “forwarding” in the Foris web UI.

Some ISPs have non-conforming DNS that can cause problems during validation – that’s more likely to result in SERVFAIL than NXDOMAIN, but I’m not sure what exactly the Chrome error means…

Thanks I did that so I’ll see how things go.