DNS fail when using Cisco AnyConnect VPN

I have been issued with a corporate laptop including Cisco AnyConnect VPN software. When connected to my Turris Omnia, DNS lookups fail when I am connected to the VPN - using either WiFi or eithernet cable. Disconnect from the VPN and everything works fine. It is a Windows 10 laptop (the only non-Linux machine in my house), set to use DHCP without any hardcoded DNS server addresses. Everything is dynamic and should “just work”. When I replace the Turris with the POS router provided by my ADSL provider, everything does “just work”.

Any suggestions? Thanks for the help. I would really hate for my Trrris to become shelfware.

I use Cisco Anyconnect VPN software too and I do not experience issue with DNS. I only lose access to devices in the home network which is expected behavior… I know it does not help … just confirming it can work…

If you aren’t really sure what DNS is used by the desktop, test the queries directly on Omnia, e.g. ssh to it and use dig example.cz.