DNS does not work for vlan3

Hello, I’ve set vlans on my omnia. In default vlan1 DNS works well but in vlan3 DNS does not work. I can access internet using IP addressess… However I need to use DNS in that vlan too. Does anyone have clue how to run it?
Check/uncheck DNS forwarding has no impact.
Thank you

Does LuCi -> Network -> Interfaces -> lan_studia -> DHCP Server -> advanced settings -> DHCP-options match:

6,<Omnia IP in VLAN subnet>

(See example below the field)

Edit: If this doesn‘t fix it make sure you can reach port 53 (DNS Port) Omnia‘s ip on VLAN subnet (e.g. using netcat). If it‘s not reachable a firewall rule is blocking access to Omnia‘s DNS Server from this subnet

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Thank you very much. It was blank. Now DNS works well. I’ll google what that setting mean.

You‘re welcome ;). It tells clients via DHCP which DNS server they should use. I think it sends out omnia‘s default IP (on br-lan) even on other subnets if not set manually and this ip isn‘t reachable from other subnets