DNS Alias in Turris Resolver

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I’m wondering how to add alias in the DNS resolver … I will appreciate to have alias shared on all computers of my home network.
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Thanks for your answer but It’s not working, I don’t no why.
Only PCs that use the dhcp are in the local DNS.

How do you imagine devices with static manually assigned IP are going to advertise to DHCP about their existance. . Just use DHCP and in Reforis DNS tab there is a tick include local clients-something in DNS and restart dnsmasq and voila!

Just assign hostnames in static leases tab in luci thats it.

And then you can access your devices using bitcoind.lan for example

You right thanks, but my initial questions is how to have a cname share to my home network.
That sometimes useful and avoid to create entries in host files of client devices.
So do you thing it’s possible to create somewhere internal cname ?

No, I’m afraid that’s hard currently.

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