DMZ on Turris omnia


I have the amnia for quite a while now. I am really glad with its performances and features.

Sometimes it just gets too complicated for me. Can someone explain step by step how you set a DMZ? (Tutorial, noob proof)

I have looked around on the forum, there is one topic that points to a youtube video and one with a presentation, but it hasn’t helped me that I can set a DMZ.

Thanks in advance.

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Open you router IP, typically
Network menu, choose Firewall, the Port Frowards. Scroll down to “New port forward” and add:

Name: ALL->DMZ
Protocol: choose do you need both TCP=UDP or just TCP
External zone: wan
External Port: leave empty!!!
Internal zone: lan
Internal IP address: choose IP of host, in your case it’s NAS
Internal port: leave empty!!!
Click Add, and Save & Apply.

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Thank you very much czlada.

This method works perfectly for me.