Discussion about TOS 3.x and 4.x

Personally, I’d prefer Turris Team to be focused on low level staff like the kernel itself, kernel modules, core networking functionality rather than on applications. There is always an option to install ubuntu or other well-maintained distro into an LXC container and get recent versions of Tor, Nexcloud, Nginx and other software mentioned above.


Well I get now to the point that I can compile packages myself with toolchain, but it took me quite a time to get there and still struggle with compilation and packages issues. But doubt many people get here too ? So request new packages is still relevant unless migration to openwrt will happen. For turris team it is a piece of cake to update packages to new vesion even it demand some time.

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And yet LXC is also an application that would need to be properly maintained which though is neither upstream on OWRT nor on TOS, latter even missing LXC packages from upstream.

In the current state TOS’s kernel and even core packages, e.g. netifd, are outdated.

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Lot of stuff in TOS is obviously outdated :frowning:

like pulseaudio is version 8 even there is already versin 12 in openwrt
alsa is version 1.1.0 even there is 1.1.8 in openwrt already

unfortunatelly to recompile new version whole kernel and modules are necessary to be recompiled which is not that easy.

So obviously TOS is getting older and older and I wonder if we could expected TOS 4.0 soon ?

All the team effort is probably now on MOX.

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Expected now within this year